Home to Win is a colossal, 10-part series where HGTV Canada celebrities gather under the same roof to pool their extraordinary expertise, creativity and reno know-how.

Together they completely remodel a run-of-the-mill house into one of the hottest properties in the country. Home to Win culminates in a one-hour challenge episode where home-winning-hopefuls compete for the spectacular house.

From purchase to plan, reno to reveal, fans across the country follow the incredible journey of the house that HGTV Canada built. When it’s done, one Canadian competitor will be rewarded with the keys to the ultimate dream home.

Sugar Showdown

Sugar Showdown is a fun and intense competition series that celebrates all things sweet and delicious.

Three expert bakers enter the Sugar Showdown studio and compete in episodes that feature cakes, pies, cupcakes or donuts. First, the competitors must make their best dessert incorporating one mystery ingredient.

After three distinguished judges eliminate one competitor, the finalists must make creations based on a theme. One baker will be crowned the champion, winning bragging rights and $10,000.


“How much is all this stuff worth?”

That’s the question every viewer will want to know during each episode of the fun and fascinating program, Extreme Collectors. Hosted by Andrew Zegers, an antiques appraiser with over 30 years of experience, he travels all across North America on a televised treasure hunt to find the amazing collections people have amassed, be they action figures, snowglobes, harmonicas, or nearly anything else you can imagine.

And when Zegers finishes assessing everything and reaches that point where he reveals the total value of the collection… well, it’ll make you wish you were an extreme collector, too.


It’s not just built, it’s custom built. Paul Lafrance and his amazing crew turn the ordinary into extraordinary in this series that forces you to reimagine what’s possible. You are unique, your home should be too.

Custom Built is a celebration of one-of-a-kind designs spanning everything from custom kitchens to custom bathrooms and custom poker tables to custom wine racks. What do you want ? No problem. Paul and the gang can build it.

Every project is an amazing transformation tailored to the needs and personalities of Paul’s clients. Every job is personal. Every end-result is jaw-dropping.


Welcome to the most intense, heart-pounding donut-making competition on the planet. Three expert donut-makers compete for the $10,000 prize in each episode in this ultra-tough food competition series.

Working with strange ingredients and difficult challenges, the donut masters create amazingly beautiful and delicious donuts under tremendous time-pressure… with Donut Showdown host Daryn Jones constantly reminding them that time is running out.

The amazing group of expert judges is made up of Duff Goldman, Elizabeth Falkner, David Rocco, Zane Caplansky, Eden Grinshpan, Jeff Mahin and Maggie McKeown.


Most guys think they know how to build a deck. They’re wrong.

That’s why Paul Lafrance and his awesome crew are here to save the day on HGTV’s entertaining construction program, Disaster Decks.

But the Disaster Decks crew doesn’t come in and do all the work. Part of the price of getting the gang with the hammers to show up is that the home owners have to help, too. Faced with new tasks, bizarre and hilarious sideline challenges, and a veteran construction crew not above teasing someone, it’s easy for the home owners to want to give up.

When that brand new deck comes together, though, it’s all worth it.


Decked Out is an outdoor construction show that follows charismatic designer/carpenter Paul Lafrance through the process of creating backyard decks with a “creative edge” for his roster of clients. It is an entertaining, funny, irreverent show for the viewer who is fascinated with, or even mildly interested in, watching (and learning about) the creative process of designing and building impressively intricate outdoor decks and beautiful backyard spaces. Each show follows, from concept to completion, the story of a backyard makeover with a focus on the construction of the unique deck project.

Ultimate Food Showdown

The Ultimate Food Showdown is the ultimate test for professional cooks as they skillfully navigate the twists and turns of this thrilling half-hour competition series.

An extension of the internationally successful Donut Showdown brand, each episode of Ultimate Food Showdown challenges the skills of three topflight cooks to make foods we all love.

From pizza to sandwiches to burgers, if you love to eat it — we bring you the best from across North America to compete for the $10,000 prize.


You’re at the park and you see an ice cream vendor bicycling past.

You flag him down and ask for a cold treat, but a wise-cracking young man with the bow tie says you can’t have one. Instead, he offers you something better… Ice Cold Cash. And all you have to do to get it is answer a series of increasingly difficult food trivia questions.

Hilarious host Joe Motiki rides his specially rigged ice cream bike, trawling for unsuspecting ice cream seekers in this fast-paced trivia program, frequently ribbing and roasting contestants, all the while still doing everything he can to help people walk away with lots of tasty cash money.


Deck Wars, the toughest building competition on television, makes two teams face-off in a battle to build the ultimate deck.

Each team is given the same tools and materials. They have two days to build the most awesome, elaborate deck they can. Deck Wars host Paul Lafrance is the ultimate judge for the fast-paced competition and he relentlessly confronts contestants on their choices.

When the sawdust is cleared away one team is declared the winner — and is awarded a hugely awesome trophy — while the losing team feels shame knowing they competed in a construction contest and lost.


Tanya Linton

Tanya Linton joined the company in 2015. She has unparalleled expertise and experience in the world of lifestyle television and is one of the most respected names in the industry.

Before coming to Architect, Tanya was the long-time Director of Original Lifestyle Content for Shaw Media where she helped develop and create countless internationally successful series, brands and personalties.

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Mike Sheerin

Mike Sheerin started the company in 2010. He is a creative and organizational force who was able to grow Architect into the widely respected, high-level production company it is today.

Before starting Architect, Mike was a documentary director/producer covering topics from the war in Afghanistan to neuroplasticity to Hurricane Katrina to Santa Claus.

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Silke Michaeli

Silke Michaeli is Director of Branded Content at Architect. Before coming to the company, she was a Branded Content Strategist with Shaw Media’s Marketing Ventures unit.

Silke is responsible to creating new partnerships and opportunities for brands as well as overseeing the execution of strategies for existing clients.

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Catherine Scolieri

Catherine Scolieri is Executive in Charge of Development at Architect. She is a seasoned development producer, having developed series including include Million Dollar Critic (W, BBC AMERICA) and Say Yes to The Dress Canada (W).

Catherine is in charge of the development team at Architect.

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